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English 9-12 and Theatre Arts

Welcome back to school!

I am so happy to be returning for another year at Longfellow!  I have been a teacher with Minneapolis Public Schools for several years and look forward to our year together.

Project Based Learning

The Design Challenge - 

The Assignment

Given 1 yard of fabric, what can you create that will sell in the marketplace?

  • One Yard (42" x 36")

  • You are able to trade portions of your yard with another student or with the house supply.  This will be helpful if you want to create something with more than one color/pattern.

  • You can sell your item(s) as part of a silent auction or you can price your items for sale.

  • Your profits are yours to keep.

Guiding Questions

  • How does quality affect your outcome?

  • How does imagination and invention affect your outcome?

  • What is your end goal?

  • What is the tension that exists between profits and artistry?

Philosophical Wonderings

  • What is valuable?  Characteristic of "valuable".

  • What is meaningful?

  • What brings purpose?

  • What does money have to do with anything? Do only the rich ask that question?


  • Product

  • Branding/Marketing

  • Quality Construction

  • Innovative Ideas

  • Valuable, Meaningful, Purposeful

  • Silent Auction/Pricing


The Design Cycle

  • Define the Problem

    • What is my goal?

  • Collect Information

    • Online Research:  What should I make?  What ideas are practical given my skills?  What ideas might work best and do well in the marketplace?  What should I write down in my notebook so that I remember the pattern/idea?

  • Brainstorm

    • Now that I have some ideas, what is my plan for making this happen?  What do I need?  What fabric will I start with?  What skills do I need to complete my project?  How can I learn to do what I need to do?  Will I work alone or with someone?  Do I have what I need?

  • Construct the Product

    • Choosing my yard of fabric, trading portions of it if needed, creating a plan, pattern, cutting, sewing, seam ripping, finishing.

  • Analyzing Flaws

    • Am I happy with my end product?  If not, what can I change?  

document Unit Elements   --  What can a student expect in their Language Arts Classroom?
document Strong Readers   --  What can we do to become strong readers that are ready for college and career?
document Classroom Engagement Plan   --  You can read a detailed plan for classroom engagement for this school year. We will have a fabulous year!
PDF 2017 Learning Targets   --  All that we do this year will help us build our skills in these areas.