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English 9-12 and Theatre Arts

Welcome back to school!

I am so happy to be returning for my second year at Longfellow!  I have been a teacher with Minneapolis Public Schools for several years and look forward to our year together.

Reflection :  Identity: Writing our own Memoirs

I see phenomenal women coming to school with a hope for a bright future.  I see young moms making good choices for themselves and others.  I see hard work and a close knit community.

In our first unit, we will learn about success.  In our culminating project, we will write about specific moments of success in our lives and we will describe the factors that helped us be successful.  

We will consider these questions:

  • What is my history?  What are my roots? 
  • Who am I?
  • What stories from my past have helped to shape my life so far?
  • How can I learn to strengthen my own writing from the memoirs that I read?

Our project will be a written memoir  in which we engage in the writing process: brainstorming, drafting, editing, revising and publishing.  While the content is personal, our audience will be professional.  This will help us prepare for college and career writing.

Along with writing, we will be reading texts by women authors who have a lot to teach us through their reflective voice.

Stay tuned for more Units as they unfold:

UP NEXT:  How to Draw a Tree:  Painting!

document Unit Elements   --  What can a student expect in their Language Arts Classroom?
document Strong Readers   --  What can we do to become strong readers that are ready for college and career?
document Classroom Engagement Plan   --  You can read a detailed plan for classroom engagement for this school year. We will have a fabulous year!
PDF 2017 Learning Targets   --  All that we do this year will help us build our skills in these areas.