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Advanced Algebra

For each unit in Advanced Algebra, we have found some videos that can help you complete your assignments. Many of the videos are in YouTube, so you may need a teacher's help to access them at school.

Choose the unit that you are working on:

Unit 2/Chapter 2

Assignment 1:

  Dividing by Zero

  Function vs Relation (ordered pairs)

  Function vs Relation (graph)

  Function Notation

  Domain and Range

Assignment 2:

  Writing Equations in Standard Form

  Writing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form

Assignment 4:

  Finding x-intercepts and y-intercepts from a graph

  Finding slope from 2 points

Assignment 5:

  Finding x-intercepts adn y-intercepts from an equation

  Finding slope from an equation

Assignment 6:

  Writing equations from slope and y-intercept

  Finding slope and y-intercept from an equation

  Writing an equation from slope and point

  Writing equation from 2 points

Assignment 7:

  Drawing a scatterplot

  Determining a prediction equation

Assignment 8:

  Graphing an absolute value function

  Graphing a greatest integer function

  Determining function family

Assignment 9:

  Evaluating inequalities for specific points

  Graphing inequalities

Assignment 10:

Assignment 11: