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Advanced Algebra

For each unit in Advanced Algebra, we have found some videos that can help you complete your assignments. Many of the videos are in YouTube, so you may need a teacher's help to access them at school.

Choose the unit that you are working on:

Unit 3/Chapter 3

Assignment 1:

  Graphing systems of equations

  Types of solutions with 2 equations

Assignment 2:

  Solving systems by substitution

Assignment 3:

  Solving systems by elimination

Assignment 4:

  Graphing systems of inequalities

Assignment 6 & 7:

  Finding values of f(x,y)

  Feasible Region

  Finding max & min values of the region

Assignment 8 & 9:

  Linear Programming: example, video

Assignment 10:

  Solve systems of equations in 3 variables

Assignment 11: