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Longfellow: A School for Pregnant and Parenting Students
We are so proud of our scholars!

Our School

Longfellow High School is a district-wide alternative  school program of the Minneapolis Public Schools and Teen Adolescent pregnancy and Parenting {TAPP} Program. 

Longfellow is community of students, staff, families, and county and community partners working collaboratively to promote generational self-sufficiency among pregnant and parenting teens.

We believe in a comprehensive approach to providing positive education options, health and pregnancy prevention for teen parents. We strive to support students in improving their attendance and enhance their academic performance.


Personalized Learning Model

Longfellow High School is a personalized school model that is tailored to the needs and interests of each individual student. We are an alternative public school that, through flexibility and choice, honors and recognizes the unique gifts, skills, passions, and attributes of each student, as well as each student's challenges and obstacles to learning.  Students choose how they will accomplish their goals –with support of teachers and instructional support staff, through Project-Based Learning (PBL), blended-online courses as well as some small group projects and seminars.  Advisors work with each student to create an individualize pathway to graduation - plans for completing required credits and incorporating job skills, internships, classes at MCTC and other activities depending on each student's career goal.


Key Elements to Personalized Learning:

1. Flexible, Anytime/Everywhere Learning

2. Redefined Teacher Role; Teacher as Advisor

3. Project-Based, Authentic Learning

4. Student Driven Learning Path

5.  Mastery/Competency-Based Progression/Pace 


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