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The staff at Longfellow understand that Distance Learning can be challenging.  Here are some information and tips to help you be more successful this year in Distance Learning:

1.  If you have ANY questions about Distance Learning, please contact your advisor or another staff member that you work with.  We are all very interested in helping you be successful!  Our contact information is listed in the Staff Directory.

2.  Check ESD Student Portal to know what classes you should be working on.  

3.  Go to Google Classroom to find your assignments.  If your class is not in Google Classroom, then you should have an email from your teacher that tells you what to do instead.  If you want to learn more about Google Classroom, watch this YouTube video.  For more information about Google Classroom, try this link.

4.  Figure out what your teacher wants you to do for attendance.  Teachers are taking attendance every day for every class!  Most teachers are asking a short question in their Google Classroom - your participation in that question counts as your attendance for that day.

5.  Try to work on every class every day.  We understand that you may not be able to do that on some days.  It is best, though, if you can find time each day to do school work - even if it's only one or two classes..

6.  When you have questions (and you will have questions), let your teacher know!  We are anxious to help you!  We can email you, text you, or interact with you using Google Meet.  Each teacher has office hours, when they are most available to help with your questions.  See this document for times.

7.  Some teachers have due dates for their assignments - don't let those due dates stress you out.  Most often, those due dates are simply a way to let you know what work they'd like you to complete each day.  But just like when we were at school, most teachers actually have very flexible timelines for when they will accept work.  If you're not sure or are worried that you're falling behind, email your teacher or your advisor and they will help you figure out what to do.

8. If a video link in your assignment doesn't work or if an assignment doesn't make any sense - just email your teacher.  Most of us teachers haven't really taught online before and we're still figuring out how to do things in the best way possible.

9. If you can't login to something or need other help - email your advisor and they will either get you the answer you need or connect you with the person who can help you.

10. Guidelines for Student Use of Google Meet (keep these rules in mind if you are using Google Meet to work with your teacher and other students):

  • Intended for educational use only

  • Use in common areas (e.g. no bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.)

  • Wear school appropriate clothing 

  • Use school appropriate language

  • Mute microphone when not speaking

  • Use chat for learning specific questions and comments only 

  • Turn on audio; live video is optional 

  • Teachers, not students, can initiate Google Meet videoconferencing